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Latino Blog Challenge Day 6: Crossing Borders

Prompt: “Immigration: For or Against?” I’m for people moving when they want and/or need to, and I’m pro immigrant/migrant rights. I’m pro youth getting an easier path to citizenship when they didn’t make the decision to migrate without papers, but were under the care of a guardian who made that decision for them. Not a … Continue reading

Latino Blog Challenge Day 3: Feed Me, Seymour!

Latino Blog Challenge Day 3: Feed Me, Seymour!

Prompt: “Favorite Latin Cuisine” HARD QUESTIONS! I’m a total foodie and just spent a weekend in Puerto Rico having amazing Latin-American food. At Tierra de Fuego, we ate Argentinian food; at Perurrican, we ate Peruvian and Peru/PR fusion food; and at home we ate comida criolla. I think the defining feature of my favorite Latin-American cuisine, … Continue reading

Latino Blog Challenge Day 2: Visitando la patria

Prompt: “What Latin American Country/Island have I been to” Well, I’ve lived in a Latin-American country most of my life–18 years to be exact–though some debate if Puerto Rico is even a country at all. It’s actually an archipelago, for starters–a collection of islands in the Caribbean, part of the Greater Antilles–that’s still not sovereign. PR … Continue reading

Latino Blog Challenge Day 1: Latin@ in America

Starting late, I know. This was supposed to start on the 15th, but I’m starting today because I was traveling (to Puerto Rico, coincidentally).Prompt: “What I love most about being Latino in America” First of all, I’m assuming “America” here means the United States of America? Which is a pet peeve of mine because the … Continue reading

Explosion in Puerto Rico

So a petrochemical plant back home EXPLODED TODAY. WHUT. An oil-storage facility in Cataño caught FIRE Friday morning, around 12:30 AM. Huge explosions were heard, and though nobody was killed (or so reports say for now), the blasts shattered windows of homes and vehicles near the plant. People are being evacuated from the area since … Continue reading

Advertising: Hope, Crying, and Culture

I often feel a desire to cry during movie previews. Well, not the movie previews, exactly, but some of the ads they play before movies–the ones with swelling music and Spanish words and some bullshit about what it means to be Puerto Rican. The Banco Popular one? Dear lord, it makes me well up like … Continue reading